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Okay, that was an odd visit.

1st he made me take another assesment. This time, for some reason I scored ADHD. I have never scored that before, so it was very strange. We talked for awhile about family history and my own history. He asked me which one was ADD, my Mother or my father. He didn't buy the "neither" answer I gave him. Then he started telling me about the Strattera he was going to prescribe for me. I told him that I was nursing, how is that going to affect that? He looked at me a little oddly and said, "I don't know, no one ever asked me that before." Looked it up on his PDA and told me that the risks are inconclusive. Then asked me when I was planning on weaning. He even said that there was always the posibility that my son has ADD, and that maybe it would be theraputic. Finally, he started talking to me about my spiritual life, and asked me if I wanted to pray with him to "turn my life over to God." Ummm, no. I'm Baptist, darlin', told you that in the screening tool. Yeah, I don't go to church every Sunday, yeah, my life is not completely "right with God" but I didn't think this place was a Christian Couselling Center and if it is not, that was a tad inapropriate. Did I grow some gumption and say that? No. I took my Strattera samples and ran out the door.
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