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Re: How much text can you read per week unmedicated ?

Originally Posted by userguide View Post
I know what you mean, this is very tricky to discuss.

I guess normal people simply say the book was boring, when they don't recall anything.

I rarely know if it's the text's fault (some books are indeed boring and poorly edited), or I simply do not have any drop of hyperfocus left on this day.
But usually I remember much more, for a week or so. Then it slowly degrades, but I still remember what I read and where, more or less, for up to several years.

This ratio 5/500 pages sounds very challenging. Actually it seems like either the book was terribly boring, or you have very high anxiety.
If it happens with only a few books, it's the book's fault. If it happens with all or the vast majority of the books I read, it's on me.

It varies a bit for me as well. Some very engaging fantasy books, or well structured non-fiction books, I tend to remember more of.

With that book in particular, I was really tired when reading it too, making it all that much worse. And although it was interesting overall, it did have long paragraphs with tedious parts too.
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