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excelsior is just really niceexcelsior is just really niceexcelsior is just really niceexcelsior is just really nice
'rock The Cobbler

The slogan, 'Real. Comfortable. Shoes.' would be too derivative. So, the Leprechaun sat, considering, frustrated , trying to come up with something original.

He spun the office chair, whistling a tune.

The family trade had died out on the auld sod. And so, heartbroken, weeping, the centuries-old shoemaker, harnessing the powers of ancient magic and modern electronics, had effectively e-mailed himself to America. His e-mail pal, a college sophomore, who was capitalizing on his precious opportunity for an education by mixing dangerous, expensive street drugs with alcohol, had laughed when he came through the screen, and went and laid down in the apartment's ornate bathtub.

Shamrock Dell, as he was known in this new land, felt peckish, and considered a bowl of Lucky cereal. He thought better of it. Too high an iron content. Great for growing kiddos, problematic for little Leprechauns...
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