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excelsior is just really niceexcelsior is just really niceexcelsior is just really niceexcelsior is just really nice
Re: 'rock The Cobbler

Just ahead of him was a kid, tall for her age. She tapped her chin, looking the menu up and down... "if you're lookin' for a Funny Monkey kid's meal, I don't think they serve them at this loca-' She turned 'Actually, I think I'm getting the grilled pepper chicken.' She was easily 20 years old, sand colored skin, black hair, dancing, playful dark eyes. soft black cotton shirt, black jeans shorts. A trace of accent, Mexican, faded over years spent in America. Her order came up, and he placed his. He glanced over at the soda machine watched her pour diet cola into a large cup. She was just taller than him. She wandered off. Rock chose Mista Flava and turned. 'Well..hello again!...' he stammered. She smiled, flashing china-white teeth.

'Sittin' with anyone?', she asked.
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