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Re: ADHD and General Intelligence - the Biological Perspective

This is a very interesting discussion and I'm enjoying it.

As I've posted more than once, the range of IQ scores for ADHD individuals literally runs

the gamut, from Mild MR to "Genius (Very Superior and beyond)."

The points I'd like to add here are simply these :

1) IQ tests, of which I've given several thousand over the years, are a measure of what

a person KNOWS;

2) ADHD is considered to be a Performance or a DOING Disorder;

3) In other words, "ADHD Is DOING What You KNOW And Not KNOWING What To DO;"

4) What I do in my (non -diagnostic) psych. evals., is to give an IQ test, usually a

screening measure instead of a full scale, and then compare that with an Adaptive

Behavior Scale.

Assuming the results are valid and consistent with the history of impairments in major

life activities across settings (including the DSM IV TR symptoms, with age and gender

referencing if needed), the diagnostic hypothesis would then be that for someone with

"true (authentic)" ADHD, there should be a large discrepancy between the two scores

(i.e., meaning the IQ percentile rank should be higher than the Adaptive percentile


5) IQ tests suffer from Poor Ecological Validity (taking a test in a quiet room with an

examiner, is NOT the same as being in a class room, on the job, driving a car, doing

chores, etc.), and Small Sample Size and;

6) Lastly, without meds, ADHD DOES lower IQ scores by approximately 7-9 / 10 points.

Hope that helps.



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