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Re: A few blurbs I found regarding Hyperfocus

Originally Posted by RobotInDisguise View Post
Your son sounds like when I was a kid. I couldn't stay focused on school unless it's interesting math or science stuff (no boring details, please). I would play video games all the time, much to my parents' annoyance. And when they interrupted me for any reason, I got ******.

Not much has changed, except that I quit gaming and when I'm interrupted from something that I'm intensely focused on, I control myself so as to not look like the raging ***** that I am on the inside lol

never knew that little bit of childhood behavior was part of adhd lmao
For me, I could get hyperfocused on video games... but also, I think I was maybe hyperfocused on school in some ways. I just saw my grades as all-important back in the day before I knew anything else. It was the easy thing. In college, I ended up spending entire nights staring at the screen trying to write papers, sometimes the same paper for 5 nights in a row... and after 5 sleepless nights, only wrote one measly paragraph. I blamed it on perfectionism and anxiety at the time, but if I'd been on Ritalin, those papers would've gotten written in one or two nights. Instead, I never finished most of them and ended up failing all my classes that semester. What was I hyperfocused on? I dunno... I guess the belief that my entire life depended on whether or not I finished those papers, and that if I didn't finish them, I was doomed... and that if I stared at the screen long enough and pushed my mind hard enough, I'd be able to write the papers. I was wrong. I cried when one of my professors approached me and said it appeared that I didn't care about her class because I hadn't turned in a paper or responded to her emails about it.... how could she say that when I spent all those nights trying to write a paper for her?
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