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Re: Mixed up words

Windy, I'll relate to you something I've I've been working on in this realm of "words with meaning" as well.

a bit of a personal anecdote, just in the past week I had to deliver a couple of speeches for college performance (got in second and going to nationals, woohoo!!)

anyway enough about just myself in this regard but how what I learned through my efforts can help you as well.

and I might be mixing up these notions so I'll explain in short, both of them. and I think the default of just "words" are to us all.

their is like, the rote memorization of words and I think that is the a byproduct from the general school of thought of.... what we all ascribe to language acquisition in school. wrighting things down is a great and probably best way to learn knowledge, however, with words and how we convey idea's through the words we use is another story.

Symbolic order. Symbolic order is kind of like the glue that gives words meaning to the brain, and I speak of this concept through my own achievement (and if I'm gloating please someone let me know)

so, when I wrote my speech I had a topic in mind (affective business leadership, the three bullet points were- courage, healthy self esteem, humbleness.

when you think of words, like I did for the speech and what symbolic order means is as you think of a word, new word, whatever, you need to, as you are wrighting or learning a new word, Visualize in your head what that word meaning looks like for you.

for example, courage is easy (I watched the lion king right before I wrote the speach), but that's a perfect example, wright down the word "courage" and at the same time visualize what that word means, healthy self esteem visualize a healthy person, Leadership coorelated with the notions above, well, Richard Branson is a prime example (ya all these are from my own example but you can take a page from my own narrative for your own word-work)

the more practice like the above stated, the better you get at word usage with meaning, and I beleive symbolic representation gets rid of the "uhmms", or a lot of em, in our daily lives.

the second is a bit trickier for people with adhd, cause sense we do seem to be pretty brilliant in associating things with other things (ala symbolic representation), the other notion is

2: emotion behind words, or inflected in the words we use. and their is no way I can actually properly overlay my own psychological breakthrough in this regard, what I can say to you is...

think of a time in your past you were happy, or go watch something you know will make you happy. hold whatever feeling you feel in your mind and with your ego (I) say how you feel and abstract with your ego (I) into the symbolic order or words. really try to inflect the emotional state you feel at the time you feel anything with the ego statement (I feel happy for example), or maybee when you are watching some video or someone else do something try to inflect in the words you use about what you see someone else do "what he is doing is very brave, what is he doing is very awesome, what he is doing is, I think you get the idea).

the next step is kind of silly, but hold two objects in your hands, this is a notion of being able to hold two concepts in your head, both symbolic representation and emotional inflection. both of these concepts are key to encoding data in our brain.
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