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Re: Educational Autism brought up by school

Originally Posted by busybeez View Post
He can read "okay". Certainly does better if someone reads to him and stops every so often to quiz him. What do you think of this character, where do you think they will go next, etc.
I just wasn't sure where an "autistic" diagnosis came from. Never heard of educationally autistic. Was kind of peeved since he hasn't been tested for anything.

We have a meeting in early May but seems like this process may take a while (30-45 school days) before we learn of an outcome. By that time he will be in the next grade level and still struggling.

He is our oldest so this is new to us and I want to give him the best chance at success. Just frustrated since it seems like the school is making up their mind before giving him a chance. Labeling him incorrectly can do more harm than good. I want him to be challenged but still able to grasp the concepts instead of being retaught at home.

I get frustrated feeling like he has missed out on certain learning opportunities that may have corrected or assisted him. Being in 6th grade seems late to be discovering this. I have never truly thought of a learning disability but knew he struggled. Always assumed it was just the ADHD. I want to be the advocate for my kiddo and seem him succeed. Feel like he has been passed on from year to year because it may have been "too much work" for the teachers to bring it up.
My son kept up fairly well until 5th/6th grade, then the gap in his reading comprehension grew...and grew....and grew! I now have a 9th grader that tests somewhere in the 5th grade range. He was failing almost everything because the classes he was in had all that free thinking stuff going on, like you wrote about when you said if someone stops and asks him to think about the my son can't do that.

Have you asked your school about "team taught" or "co-taught" classes? These classes are highly structured with a step by step plan for the week and there are two teachers in the classroom. This helps students who are wandering away in their thoughts focus back on the teacher. There are also a lot of chances to show you understand the material, some verbal, some written. These classes have been a miracle for my son. He went from 65-75% in each class to 85-95%! He's still doing work, he's still being tested, and he's still learning what other kids are learning but it's in a more streamlined fashion and it is working VERY well for him.

If your school wants to label your kid they won't be able to without a medical diagnoses. However, with his ADHD diagnoses they can give him an IEP under the Otherwise Health Impaired catagory and he will be eligible for these co-taught classes. Ask if he can be placed in them for next year. Once my son was being taught in a way he understood all of his grades improved, even in non-co-taught classes like health...I truly think this is because he finally began to have confidence in what he was capable of.
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