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Re: Medication choices

Originally Posted by CrazyLazyGal View Post
Your doctor is correct, the vast majority of patients do respond to at least one of those medications, and the positive change is usually pretty apparent within a few weeks.

Two suggestions. First, you may want to give a non-stimulant medication such as Intuniv or Strattera a try. Statistically, they work on a fewer percent of ADHDers compared to stimulants, but your son clearly isn't a statistically typical case.

Second, how was the diagnosis made? If he's not responding to anything, it could be a misdiagnosis and/or something else going on in addition to ADHD.
We had a private Dr (Neuro-Psychologist) conduct an evaluation of my son. We also had the school system conduct an evaluation. Both had almost identical conclusions.
With the latest medication (concerta) we have seen small improvements in his school work. But he still is having attention issues and is losing a bit of weight.
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