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Re: Restless leg syndrome

I used to get this pretty often. It makes you loose your mind. Ever since I've been taking magnesium on a regular basis for migraines (which it has cut back, a lot), my RLS seems to be only barely noticeable, on the rare occasion I do get any.

One thing that would help, when I used to get it pretty bad, was to use something topical and menthol based. I used to swear by tiger balm. Now I have this stuff called "Perform", which is a roll-on pain relief tube. It has a lot of menthol in it, but a lot of essential oils that really make a difference. Roll some of that stuff on your calves, the back of your knee, and down by your ankles as well.

I know some people swear by mag oil (pure magnesium oil) and rubbing it into the back of your leg helps with the nerve and muscle spasms.
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