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Parenting ADHD kids and non-ADHD kids

Hi! I have 3 children, all boys. The oldest is 10, middle is 8 and youngest is 3. My middle son S was recently diagnosed with ADHD, and one of the things I am learning is that parenting a child with ADHD can be very different then parenting one without. What I am struggling with is how to avoid jealousy or upset from my children without ADHD.

Some examples, all from my 10 year old son L (but I'm sure this will crop up as the youngest gets older):

Why do you help S clean his room but I have to clean mine all by myself?
Why is S allowed to draw whatever he wants in church but I have to sit up and pay attention?
Why does S get rewards for doing simple things that I'm expected to do without rewards?

Now, I do feel that he has valid points here, and I've talked to him about the differences between him and his brother, but I feel this will keep being an issue.
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