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Re: How I cured my ADD

I would agree that diet could be the "cure" to a variety of physical maladies -- heart disease, diabetes, obesity, for instance, but ADHD? No, not really. There are probably certain dietary additions or deletions that could improve a person's mental state. There is no denying a diet rife with processed grains, sugars, meats and fats is BAD. Anyone would be foggy-headed on a fast-food diet, for instance.

Like the OP, all I have to go on is personal experience, but my personal experience is much different. My ADD doesn't stem from food allergies. I have tried a raw diet, an all veggie and nuts diet, a vegan diet. I'm still primarily vegetarian, eat almost no dairy, and eat meat and fish maybe twice a month. Eliminating dairy helped tons with my environmental allergies. I take Omega 3 for good measure. However, when I was at the peak of a raw, veggie diet, losing weight, health just oozing out of my pores, I quit caffeine. Quitting caff was pre-meds. And mentally, I pretty much fell off a cliff. I had all sorts of vital energy and no place to direct it. I was an unfocussed, cluttered mess. I tried to add better supplements to my diet, ramp up the quality of the food, be more committed, exercise regularly...and it just didn't work. Going through caffeine withdrawal was a fairly horrible experience to boot. And, you know, I didn't beat myself up that I couldn't "fix" myself through diet or discipline. I didn't feel down that I need drugs to function better. I just took it for what it was -- that we're not all stamped out of cookie cutters and I can only do what works for me (and by researching what everybody else does, of course!)

If it weren't for my spouse, I would pretty much be eating only fast food and leaving the grocery store with nothing but microwaveable appetizers. So, I'm incredibly thankful to have someone that loves to cook and helps keep me healthy.
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