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Arrow Re: Sluggish Cognitive Tempo (SCT)

I am new here and I think that I have SCT.

I read about this disorder before(like 1 and a half year before) but the thing that is lagging me from getting treatment is that in my country I just can't see psychiatrist or so whatever.

I decided to medicate my self through smoking but that didn't help on the long run so I quit it since almost 2 months for good.

We don't have stimulant in my country so the first and the second line treatment failed for me and the third line fail too because even that we have stratera it is still too expansive for me (it cost more than 100$ for 20 pills).

Now that I am left with the 4th line treatment(antidepressants) I wanted to ask what is the best medicine for SCT in my case.

I will appreciate any reply, please help me!!!

PS:we only have famous drugs so please give me something that I can find in my homeland.
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