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Re: Does "personality disorders" actually mean anything?


Forgive my spelling. Even the computer can't help me sometimes and trying to be perfect imobilizes me.

I also wonder the % "with primarily inattentive ADHD meet the requirements for a co-morbid OCPD".

I learned I was ADD at age 28 in college. It was another student that helped me connect the dots. It wasn't the professionals. Later professionals confirmed the diagnostics. It was undetected because I am not hyper. I just loose my train of thought.

It 1st grade they diagnosed me with dyslexia. So I was in the system and in front of the professionals from the beginning. Lots of phycological testing throughout school. 20 years later another student picks up on the fact that I am ADD. Suddenly with a little retilin my grades go from D's to A's.

One pill and just for the "test" my grade goes from F to A.

Twenty more years go by and young neurologist tells me I have OCPD. The medical community only starting to figure this stuff out now.

When I explain OCPD symtoms to my friends (mostly nero diverse) they say there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with though symtoms they all seem pritty helpful.

So OCPD is very under diagnosed I suspect like you there is a higher than expected correlation between ADD(I know the DSM dropped ADD and uses ADHD, but they are different to me ) and OCPD.

Relating to "..inflexible adherence to rules and especially list-making are related to executive dysfunction..."

It might be how it starts. I also noticed people like Einstien and Steve Jobs (OCPD) both wore the same simple dark colored cloths everyday so they didn't waste time thinking about matching colors.Their clostest were full of clothes that were indistiguishable. I found it helped me to get out the door faster and on to things that I wanted to work on. I really like being productive.

Then I noticed that having a list and looking at it once or twice a day helped me focus on what was important. It would help me prioritize or reprioritize. (Great book: Getting Things Done).

I think it comes down to higher effientcy and productivity and gives repeatable results.

I think it was in "Driven to Distration" a book about ADD that I pickup up that we have adictive personalities. Its not joing to change so just pick your addictions. Like choose exercise or meditation as hobbies so you don't get sucked into less healthy alternatives.

Think about farming 50-10000 years ago. Make a list of things to do. Execute that list to the letter. Wait 6 moths to see the results. Make adjustment after 6 months and repete.

You have to be rigid in your execution and repetitive in your behaviour.

Problem comes in when your significant other doesn't understand why you have to have plates washed in a specific way, and placed in a specific location in the cabnet.

The trick with OCPD is to try to figure out when being perfect doesn't matter.

Its not easy to figure out when your OCPD. Everything matters.


Try to find a hot shot young neurologist. The next generation doctors are learning the new stuff. The old ones don't know anything about how our minds work.

Meditation is the one of the best medications and its free after you get the hang of it.

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