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Re: living off the government ADHD

Originally Posted by Possum View Post
Most people are not on SSI/SSDI just because they happened to feel like giving up. The application process winnows out most of the slackers. The people with ADHD who get government assistance have very severe cases - so severe that they can't work.

If you don't like that our society provides at least a small safety net for the most vulnerable portion of our population, you could always move to Rwanda.
that's true.

the other day i got a letter from social security saying that if i were to become eligible right now, i would get 900 a month. not only can you not live on that - but the amount you get each month is based on how much you made each year.

i worked for 13 years - from the age of 15 til i was 29. i averaged 25,000 a year.

i shudder to think what the monthly benefit would be for somebody who really didn't work all that much.
yikes ... and i thought i had problems!
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