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Re: In med school and no I didn't try to get diagnosed with ADHD just to help me stud

Originally Posted by DegreeHunter View Post
I'm a med student as well, about half way through the system.

The things you described are exactly what I experienced. The sound of my own feet shuffling against the library carpet were enough to distract me and make me look under the table. I could not study at the library because if anybody around me moved their arm to pickup a pencil my eyes would be drawn to stare at their arm. I would sit in a little cubicle in a corner and try to focus, but I always had difficulties.

It took me time to come to terms with having ADHD since I had always been "smart" so to speak. I always found a way to sneak by with last minute cramming or doctors notes etc... but med school slapped me straight within the first month. There was too much to balance and cramming wasn't working because in medicine you have to UNDERSTAND concepts not just memorize a bunch of crap last minute.

I went ahead and got re-diagnosed and began taking medication and I immediately saw improvements in ALL aspects of my life. Even things like my organization, driving habits, time management improved and I was able to wakeup and goto bed on time for the first time in my life.

Studying while not on meds is very difficult for me... I can't read textbooks... and when I say can't read I literally mean I can't even get through 2 pages in a day it just doesn't happen. I've had to use a similar approach like you mentioned earlier. I'll learn actively instead of passively reading... flashcards, practice questions, talking to other students to have them explain me concepts etc... However, nothing compares to being able to sit down with a clear mind and just read my damn textbooks for the first time in my life.
Being able to read definitely helps. I went through high school and college without having to buy any of the textbooks (probably because I realized they were useless). Med school is a completely different beast.
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