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Re: In med school and no I didn't try to get diagnosed with ADHD just to help me stud

Originally Posted by ILoveChaos View Post
I also wouldn't say I "overcame" ADD. I just never had to study in high school and barely had to study in college. The speed and depth of the content was enough that I could usually grasp all of the material I needed to for a test in a short period of time.
This is exactly the same situation I'm in. I've never had to put much effort into any coursework until now, my senior year in college. My upper division classes are orders of magnitude harder than ANYTHING I've done before. I actually had to start READING my textbooks, AND start studying BEFORE the day before the test! That was pretty much impossible until I started taking meds.

I'm still struggling though. The meds aren't magic pills, unfortunately. I still have a lot of work to do with my therapist. I just hope I can get through without burning up the last of my financial aid by taking every class twice. All my classes up to now have been memorization and regurgitation, but now it's all about synthesizing everything I've learned in previous classes and incorporating it in to the new material I'm being given AND applying it all to understand and explain novel problems. It's a WHOLE different ballgame!

It sounds like you've really worked hard to address issues that will effect lasting change and didn't just settle for symptomatic relief from the meds. Kudos!! I hope I can get to where you're at.
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