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Re: In med school and no I didn't try to get diagnosed with ADHD just to help me stud

Originally Posted by ana futura View Post
Yes! Me too! For me it's the amazing self awareness that meds bring that's more helpful than anything else. If they didn't do that, I don't think I'd take them.

Not that you need to defend yourself against a year old comment, but I've never heard someone who takes stimulants for other things say this. I've compared experiences with a couple friends who've been prescribed adderall for "difficulty focusing due to depression" and their response does seem a fair bit different than mine. They don't seem to get any of that self awareness that is so striking to me.
Yeah! What I always try to tell my friends is that its the THX drug. You know, whenever a movie uses surround sound and it starts off with all the different sounds and they all converge into the same tone? They never really understand it though. I guess because they don't hear every little thing around them and haven't had to make sensory deprivation chambers just to study.
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