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Emotional Neglect or ADD

So, I've been doing research on emotional neglect and it seems that people that come from dysfunctional background have similar symptoms with people who have ADD or ADHD.

I was emotionally neglected as kid, same with the rest of my siblings; Our never really abused each other, they just never loved each other. They were just roommates who were married and had 12 kids with each other. There was food, shelter, and clothes for all us, just no love and communication.

I am 31 and was diagnosed with ADD 3 years ago, and now I am skeptic if I truly have ADD. All of my sibling show symptoms of ADD; my dad is classic ADD. My mom is the only has emotional problems just like the rest of us but who shows no signs of ADD.

Anyway, is there some of you who can relate with me. This is like the chicken and the egg; which came first. And, also, are there some of you who came from a loving functional family who have severe ADD or Adhd?
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