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Haven't been on these forums for a long time, for various reasons.

It's not exactly a new job, I've been here for almost 7 months now, but I finally got out of my horrible administrative office job and made a complete career change. I'm now an English as a Second Language teacher in South Korea. Between dealing with hyperactive or super tired kids all day, having a job that requires me to be moving around almost constantly and the added uniqueness of being in a completely different country, I've finally found one job that has enough stimulation for me.

My contract here is for a year. If I actually want to stay in this field and travel to different countries to teach or even go back to the US eventually to teach English to non-native speakers, I will have to get at least a Masters. Right now I'm trying to decide if I want to do that after this contract is finished (at the end of October) or wait another year until I have some more experience.
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