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Now that I"m bacl from ireladn I"ve started working full time at a local water park. I do spray tattoos and make signage. And at the moment I"m helping design the park's kiddie cup. So far it's been going really well. I"m relieved to be working somewhere that I can use my skills a little.
THe ADD hasn't presened aproblem for me yet, except that sometiems I gte really impatient with thingslike letting pant dry, or not being able to finish a project in one day. I don't like to start somthing unless I"m completly certian i can finish it in the same day. But other then that i really like doing spray tattoos, and working outside.
The job situation is a little more stressfull this time around because my parents are cutting me loose from financial support slowly and I now have to pay for rent completly on my own. So far I"m making it, but barely. Here's hoping for a decent job after graduation!
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