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VisualImagery is just really niceVisualImagery is just really niceVisualImagery is just really niceVisualImagery is just really nice

Congratulations Aizlyne-how is the job working out for you? Are you back in school now? Miss ya!
My GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!
at a major university just a few hours away from me. The job is an excellent match with my MBTI, MAPP, Strong, and Working style inventory/assessments.
  • change and variety
  • working to benefit others
  • strategic planning-big picture and the details
  • matches my Human resouirce development, guidance/counseling, training and teaching vocational interest scores with high artistic score related to fine arts as well as creatively solving problems and working with people.
  • Best of all, I still get to work closely with students-on a one on one basis
  • A big plus---I can move up the career ladder and improve my income-so leaving teaching is not so bad when I can now focus on career services-the area I discovered I love most of all in education-and the one thing that every student and soooo many adults wish they had access to for career and school planning!!!!!
Wish me luck on Friday-and thanks. Just making it through the search committee and getting an interview is motivating and an accomplishment! I am now energized and inspired. Thursday is interview prep day-and I have the perfect interview dress for success outfit!!!!! Pinch me-is this real?????

at least I have 3 days to calm down and think professionally!!!

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