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Exclamation Dr Amen

Originally Posted by PinkPanther_04
I was diagnosed yesterday. Well, I guess it's not a definitive diagnosis, because my therapist wants me to read "Healing ADD" by Dr. Amen and take another self-report questionaire to determine which of his six subtypes I fall into.
I'm not really familiar with the basis for Dr. Amen's technique so I was wondering if anyone else had any thoughts on the subject. Is it well supported scientifically? Is it widely used to treat ADD? How definitive is the subtype diagnosis?
Hi Pink P,
I went to a 7 hour symposium yesterday by Dr Amen. I went there a bit sceptical because my Dr doesnt believe in what he says. But I left totally convinced he is onto something. His scan is $1000-3000 and he has 4 clinics in the US, but to get his diagnosis you have to pay the 3K. otherwise you take the scan to your own Dr. That may be fine too, but check with his clinic if you want to make sure your Dr is qualified. Apparently a lot of Drs have no idea how to read the scan and never do anything with it.
He said if you do the questionaires in his books, the chances of you getting the same diagnosis as him are very good! so if you cannot afford the quizes.
His lecture was on anxiety, depression and ADD. It was put on by the Kitty Petty institute. the material he went over is covered in his book Change your Brain change your Life. he also sells a DVD on a lecture he did that covered the bookl. I have not read the book or watched the DVD. However I bought a DVD (to be mailed out in a few weeks) of the symposium I just went to because I want my husband to see it. It was $95. If you want one you have to buy it through the Kitty Petty website. The other DVD's of his lectures can only be bought directly through his website not amazon.

I know he is controvertial. His explanation of why he is still thought of as an outsider in the psychiatrist community is that back when he started doing the scans, he did not know there were 6 subtypes of ADD. So they took 100 people with ADD and scanned them. They expected that all their brain scans would look the same because they all had ADD. But the brain of the inattentive type is different than the hyper type etc. So they basically said he is a quack.

There was soooooo much material covered that I really wouldn't even know where to start or what part you are interested in. I can try to answer any questions you may have....hopefully I'll remember. In a tiny nutshell, the theory is that different parts of your brain can work normally or be underactive or overactive. depending on the part of the brain and whether its over or under active, you will exhibit different symptoms. I have inattentive type ADD.....I don't remember which part of the brain he said was involved, but I remember it was underactive therefore the stimulants are supposed to work for me in ther right dose etc. The over focused type has a part of the brain that is hyperactive, therefore stimulants may not be for you. There are subtypes however, where they need stimulants and prozac together!!!
He is very pro supplements and vitamins and good "brain" food. this is the website he suggested to check out the brand of vitamis and fish oil you buy.
Dont get cheap fish oil! It has to be pure pharmaceutical grade to do you any good. I've heard that many times before and I know its true.

I would strongly suggest you get the DVD of yesterdays symposium if you can afford it. It really was well worth it.

If you are new to ADD and have not spent thousands YET on Dr's visits (believe me, you will eventually) I would suggest you really think about paying for the scans at his clinic, especially if you live close to any of them. He lives in Irvine, but he is the only one to read the scans, so they would all do the same thing. I have only known of my ADD for about 6 months so far and I am sure I've racked up very close to 3K!!! Every 2 weeks you have to come for a visit to adjust your dose. I have had many visits that were a total waste of money. here is typical dialogue.
Dr: how do you feel? any improvements?
Me: Ummm I'm not sure, I can't really tell any difference.
Dr: Ok, lets keep the dose the same for now, I'll see you in 2 weeks
Dr: lets take the dose up by 10mg,I'll see you in 2 weeks

So you end up paying the same or less with the scan. Unless you get lucky with the medication and dose from the beginning.

Ok my carpel tunnel is killing me, so I have to stop and use my reserves to surf Ebay for 30 mins
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