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Thanks NF.

I don't want to deal with any more red tape to tell you the truth, and I'm sick of reading through endless pages of government documents trying to figure out what my rights are, So I was never even considering being that kind of a pain in the neck for them.

This is a matter of principle for me.

I can deal with the fact that I'm a minority and can't expect the system to bend to my liking. I can deal with the fact that there's always going to be red tape to dissuade me. What I can't deal with is the parading around of the University's history of educating and nurturing the sons of poor Boston families so that their potential was not lost. So here's me, one of those sons who made my way here by virtue of highschool teachers' testimonies of flashes of brilliance and enormous potential despite a somewhat blemished journey along the way, and after a month of waiting, making phonecalls, and researching, I'm given five minutes and then sent on my way.

That's what bothers me, the whole banner-waving show proclaiming their values right before I'm shuffled out the door.

Prior to that meeting when the adderal was still working great I'd managed to write a research paper that my professor urged me to publish, yet in the process it consumed nearly all the waking hours of three weeks of my life, nearly causing me to miss thanksgiving dinner with my family before I e-mailed it in a week and a half late. Think that proof of an individual 'challenge' would have possibly persuaded someone to set the rulebook aside for just a few minutes and give me some unofficial 'accomodations' until I'd gone through the ridiculous motions of getting all they supposedly required? Especially with all that emphasis on realizing your potential?

Nope, they didn't even blink.

That's why I'm angry, the subtle things.

That's why I just want to write a short, polite letter with equally subtle undertones of how angry I really am, so maybe when somebody reads it they'll think to themselves, "Wow, if somebody's got something to say that intends to take away from reputation of the special needs administration, they probably gave him a pretty good reason to be ticked off."

True, WC, I've gotta get the facts straight in this scrambled ADD brain of mine, but I don't think it will be very difficult at all to get something published that is tactful, truthful, unoffensive, and at the same time just agitating enough.

That's if I can get it in before next issue's deadline.
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