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Unhappy Do I have ADD give me answers help

Hi my 13-year-old girl that wants know she has ADD I can never pay attention to what people are saying and I always announced people call me stupid because I can never remember peoples names and or what features talking about doing this day I was have to go up and acid teacher just about everything she had already gone through because I just simply can't pay attention a matter how hard I try although I still tended to fit very well in school because I pretend to be the cool kid in school but just asked that way for attention as a fairly well social life but it's not the one that I would want I would like to be the person that IM that haven't a fake being this way because I don't want people to know just how hard I am I always forget what I I went upstairs for and I tend to be very messy whenever seven mind to something it doesn't really Standerfer long the only day I can pay attention to and really focus on his basketball because I love it so much i'm always the last one to finish testing quizzes in school and I have to raise my hand whenever teacher asked who still wasn't finished this is been going on my whole life in school I don't really like it anymore I used to but people yesterday catch onto my little game someone please help me can always student still have ADD
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