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Re: Failing at every aspect of my job

Originally Posted by TheDreamer View Post
I'm the same way (also in software). What someone tells me to code is seldom the thing I want to code. Kind of a "grass is greener" syndrom for me.

You want me to code a form where the customer can input things? Wow, the people working on the C# compiler team must have really interesting jobs...creating the things that enable people to code forms etc etc.

It's gotten so bad for me that I experience a form of "coder's block" and have been considering a different career, but I don't know what else I could do.

Sorry you're also dealing with this.
You could teach coding

Looks like Fuzzy has safely parked under Price's law, sometimes I envy corporate ppl being this lucky.

For me, the only way to go is pursuing the flow, and that is possible only when I decide what I am doing. My brain is so spoilt that I'd need a glucose debt to micromange it to do anythng productive otherwise.
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