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Re: Help

greetings and welcome to the forums!

i'm unclear on a couple of things you mention below...

Originally Posted by Bhodeitrue View Post
it may boil down to "quality controller" if that's what you want to call it. Fact is, I know the difference between dexadrine and dog s%$. I've been off my meds for years now off and on, because of the extremism differencs in the compounds. what I am saying is that, with the same labeling for supposedly the same drug, the variability of this stuff from month to month is crazy. I have flushed a lot of it because it was so bad,, and almost always different from month to month.
so, is the problem that the formula feels different (manufacturer) or that you aren't getting the right pills/capsules (pharmacist) or that you're not getting name brand dexedrine (which, unless your prescribing physician writes DAW--dispense as written--it's likely you're getting an automatic generic substituted due to insurance policy)?

The kicker is I took more of this bull s$$$t than I care to think about because it was somewhat better than nothing. I am not worth a hill of beans without this stuff. From reading your forum, which I am new to as of today, seems like we are all in the same boat. If this doesn't get fixed, how many here will be me at60 years of age??? I have been so "patient" I am Damn near dead.
it sucks that you're finding the efficacy reduced so much. sorry to hear you're struggling with that. i'm sure many of us can relate.

Why are we all still having these problems? Shure as I am sitting here our children, of all ages, are getting the same misery in a bottle I have been. I know this is true because I sometimes test drive my neighbors kids meds.

If these peddlers were selling this garbage on the street they'd have a bullet hole in them.

What do I need to do to get a simple prescription for 40mg. of dexadrine/day filled, and it actually be what it says it is. ? Don't even mention the ex release to me. Pure murder.
it may be the case, if you attribute the problem to the manufacturer modifying the composition of the medication, that what you're getting is all that is available. if your concern is that the pharmacist isn't giving you the proper pills...that's something to definitely address with the pharmacy, but it's hard to do it once you leave. i would suggest checking your bottles before heading out next time.

as for "test driving" your neighbor's kid's medications... i'm a bit surprised you have so many neighbors with kids prescribed dexedrine. i will note, though, that while mentioning your personal history of taking medication that hasn't been prescribed to you is within our guidelines...we can't encourage or support taking meds that aren't prescribed to you. if nothing else, that's illegal, but it's also potentially dangerous. plus...i guess that means those kids didn't take their meds that day? i guess i'm just confused by that. if my daughter were prescribed something...anything...i doubt i'd give any of it to someone else.

My Dr. refuses to see me since my last prescription a year ago because of this. To be fair, I voiced my concerns regarding this , to her, in a letter, enclosing a sample of the said medication. According to her appointment Booker (ie fire wall), who demanded to know the contents of my private communication to my doctor, she 1"did not receive the letter" 2"she did receive the letter" . When I was finally in good enough shape to return to my doctors office to make another appointment I was told by reception I was no longer welcome there.
i'm unclear on this part... your doctor has terminated you as a patient because you complained about your prescription not being filled properly? if she wrote 40 mg dexedrine, PO...blah blah blah...and the pharmacist gave you something OTHER than dexedrine...i don't understand why she'd stop seeing you as a patient for telling her.

there was nothing else that happened apart from you complaining to her about the medication being dispensed improperly? i don't see why she would drop you just for that... i mean, sending stimulant (controlled substance) medication through the post...i can see why she wouldn't be happy about that because it IS so heavily controlled and mailing it like that could create issues for her depending on who opens the letter or spots that there's a pill in it when processing the mail.

was there other stuff that went wrong with her being your provider?

As I consider this,today a year later, perhaps I should start with a registered letter to my doctor who may actually know nothing at all about this. Or she could say she doesn't, considering accountability
The whole Damn thing stinks .

Can anybody out there help me?
so...this all happened a year ago? if so, i think your plan to try to talk to your doctor again is a good one. maybe there was a misunderstanding...?

as far as help... can you simply find a new psychiatrist? that is what i would do if i had had a falling out with a psychiatrist. maybe get a referral?

at any rate, again, welcome to the forums and i hope you find it a helpful and informative place
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