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Re: panic disorder and adhd stimulants? Anyone take stims and is there anxiety ok?

Update: so i started on 5mg am/pm for a few days, then went to 7.5 am/pm, and now i am on my 3rd day of dex 10mg am/pm.

Overall, it has actually reduced my anxiety. . I was imagining stimulants to be like caffeine (caffeine is a sure fire way to send me into a full blown panic attack).
So weird.

I did notice my heart beating fast and i was a little shaky at one point, but i think i was partially dehydrated and hadn't eaten much. I actually keep foregtting to eat. So weird. Just not hungry at all. 2 days ago it was 6pm and my stomach hurt and was makong loud noises. I sat and thought about it... I hadnt eaten ANYTHING simce 7am that morning ��. I have never done that before.

Anyways, going off topic. I think dex is good for anxiety.
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