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Re: Mild AD(H)D, Moderate AD(H)D and Severe AD(H)D

DSM-V also requires clinicians to specify the severity level of a client's ADHD as either Mild, Moderate, or Severe.

Mild is restricted to cases where there are few, if any, symptoms beyond those required to make the diagnosis and no more than minor impairment in functioning. In DSM-IV, where clinically significant impairment was required, these individuals would not be diagnosed.

Moderate is simply defined as symptoms or functional impairment between 'mild' and 'severe'. People in this category may not necessarily show clinically significant impairment and thus also would not have been diagnosed under DSM-IV.

Severe is reserved for cases with many symptoms in excess of those required for the diagnosis, or several symptoms that are especially severe, or marked impairment resulting from symptoms.

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