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Re: Witness Protection (a story)

*Disclaimer: The story gets kinda dark at this point.

My immediate concern was for the boy. I rushed down the hall searching for his room. Entering the only open door, the sight of solar system bed sheets told me I had found the right place. The boy peeked out around the corner of his closet holding a shirt which he hadn't yet put on. His eyes held a hesitant curiosity, which turned quickly into panic from the sound of the front door slamming open. Quickly, I grabbed the boy, frantically looking for a place to hide. He stopped, and pointed to a door in the middle of the hallway, just the left of the stairs. It was a linen closet, with just enough room for the both of us to squeeze into with the door closed.

The man stomped through the house, enraged. “Where are you, you little b******?” Presently, we heard him bang into something, cussing as he did, before continuing his rant. “If I get my hands on you, you're dead! Understand?” We heard him march clumsily from room to room, throwing things, and breaking most of them. His cussing was relentless.

It was clear he was under the influence of some sort of substance, most likely alcohol judging from the beer cans in his room. “You clever little s***...” We heard him say. “When are you going to learn to stop ******* yourself?! Well don't think I'm going to be cleaning that up!” He must have found the couch, which hadn't been moved back.

He called up the stairs. “Ain't nowhere else to hide, you little ****!” As he made his way up, the boy wrapped himself around my leg. I gave his shoulder an affirming squeeze. We waited in terror as we heard him tear from room to room, screaming threats all the while. He must have been too drunk to think about looking in the linen closet. After searching through all the rooms, he screamed, “Where the h*** are you?!”

Then he gave up his efforts. We listened as he enter one of the rooms, most likely his bedroom, gathered a few things, then clattered back down the stairs. We waited until we heard the muffled sound of the pickup engine drive off. Then we waited awhile longer.
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