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Unhappy Let go of another job

Hi guys! I'm new on here and hitting yet another 'all time low.' I have been let go from a job. It lasted 2 months. I never saw it coming. They just said "it's not working out." So that means I'm not working out to their satisfaction. I look at all the workers there, been there for years, what's so different about me? I very obviously struck people in some inappropriate, offensive ways. And as usual, I don't know what ways. I say things that I literally have no, or vague recollection of. That's scaring me, and that's insane. I've been told I have no filter for years. I'm like, really? U have no idea the things I DON'T say lol! My self esteem and confidence are crushed. 1. What's wrong with me that I can't be better at age 52? 2. Why I can't I just love myself the way I am and ignore people who don't get me? I don't think I'll ever be a long term employee
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