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Re: Any women here with zero relationship experience

I'm a guy but i totally get where your coming from. I feel like i missed some dating class. Like i was sick on Thursday and all the other kids learned how a relationship works. Small talk can be difficult for me. I can carry a conversation as long as i enjoy what we are talking about. If they start blathering about there new Iphone or something i check out. If i do get close to a date i ask a lot of questions before hand. I have been burned before. Where meeting for coffee becomes bedroom eyes and them telling you your "cute" over and over again. Wanting to take the conversation elsewhere, like there bedroom that has lit candles and soft music playing haha. So i ask a litany of questions. What are they expecting, just coffee? more? will we do something else after coffee? movie? can i park in your driveway? street park? how will you introduce me to your room mate?
I know i know i totally kill it. I know i should just go with the flow so to speak. But i just want to plan the evening, no surprises. And i'm the ADHD guy who unintentionally makes people mad. I say just the wrong thing at just the right time. I really do try and i really really want to connect with someone. I always end up liking the person a lot, and they don't feel the same. I have had the awkward conversation a few times.
I never dating anyone in school, had tons of crushes. Acted on one crush and that didn't go well. I think my ADHD hasn't really stunted me so to speak. I mean i get what dating is and all that. I think it's more about just shutting up and going with the flow. And the real issues to me is lack of friends. I struggle making and keeping friends. And that's how many many people find love. You meet your best friend amanda's cousin and hit it off or something to that effect. So i think it's a personal relationship issue that spills over into your dating life. I do like women a bit, but i seem to fight with them. Not physical but drag out verbal fighting. Picking at each other and stuff. Men are easier for me to relate to in a way. But yeah i get what your going through. And of course we are ADHD so we analyze and think about our singleness over and over.

Originally Posted by MissMichiko View Post
And for some GODFORSAKEN reason, I seem to attract either really short guys or men who are my dad's age.
Lol i feel you on that one, i get 60 year old guys chatting me. Had a 70 year old chat me, thought it would be cool to have a live in lover who could also mow the grass and stuff he couldn't do. So a man servant you sleep with? I think my ceiling is like 55ish, i'm 38.
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