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Re: Do you tell people you have ADD?

I'm with everone else, only a few people know. My DH, a few close friends, my HR director (only because it came up when setting up my medical savings plan: "Why can't you do the mail in prescription plan? Controlled substances...what?"), and that's about it.

When I suspected ADD years ago, and had a tentative diagnosis, I told a lot more people, including my mother. My mother was not supportive at all, and so I just dropped it and stopped discussing it with her.

I have too much of my own stuff to deal with as I learn my way around this new way of looking at things, I don't have the energy to spare on defending myself to others who don't agree with the diagnosis and dismiss it. However, I will stick up for ADD in general, such as when I hear someone dismiss it as a diagnosis I will tell them why they are mistaken. However, I avoid discussing it on a personal level.
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