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I am here in Long Beach Mississippi, and am trying to find a home base ADHD group and Dr's that treat this disorder. My problem is I don't have any medical Ins or even a job at this time. I have been in deep deppression since my husbands death and it is getting over whelming to me. I need to get on meds so I can study and get a job. I am 49 years old my husband died 2 years ago and I have no ways of any income. He was only 44 when he was killed in an auto accident, and I can't draw off his death benefits or retirement or etc. I am scared and I need some help here. I live with my widowed mother who is 77 years old and on a fixed income. Where do I go to get help and get a start on life? I have just read in our local paper that our clinics are closing down because of no grants and support. This just has to get better!!!!!Please any advice will be a help!
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