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Re: Working Memory

I have a similar problem, but its more about the complexity of my thoughts. My thoughts are too complex, are carrying too much information and disappear too quicly. If I want even only one of my thoughts to be written down, it takes a tremedous amount of effort. I have to reproduce it constantly; recreate it as soon as my working memory loses it only to be able to make sure that every aspect of it is on paper (which is never true, I always lose a good amount of it). Also, the structure of the resulting explanation is chaotic, it takes even more effort to rebuid the Idea from that puzzle. So when I can write, it takes an increadible amount of time and effort to be able to produce a text that can clearly explain about 60% of the thought I had created in about 0.1 second. When I can't write, it is nearly impossible to communicate any new thoughts. So the majority of what happens in my mind simply can't be shared in everyday life. Which made me kind of socially anxious and distant, how can you build any relation while knowing that the majority of who you are is simply unaccessible to others.
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