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Re: Driving Anxiety

I love driving long distances but only on highways. I don't like driving around town or local roads. This is because a lot of things. Local roads around here have pot holes and I get anxious about hitting one and blowing a tire. I also and terrified of traffic lights turning red really fast (when there's always the yellow light). I'm terrified that people will stop short and I'll hit them from behind(In my state if you hit someone from behind it's automatically your fault). I'm also terrified of people driving like idiots and turning into roads when there's a car obviously coming who has the right of way. People merging in when they should be yielding. And trees falling on my car. I recently moved from a city to a town outside of a city which doesn't seem to have much influences from the city and there's a lot of trees and such so my anxiety has gone through the roof. BLAH sucks sucks suck. When I can I have my boyfriend drive who's a very good driving but I still have anxiety just sitting in the passenger seat. I also don't like driving with people in my car for some reason.
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