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Addicted to Food/Sugar

I've been struggling with my diet as long as I can remember. When I was younger I wouldn't just eat three meals a day and a snack, I would binge a lot. Its gotten much worse today because I'm an adult who has a source of income. Back then, I was a kid who had no money so I couldn't buy candy or go to McDonalds whenever I wanted, I would eat or binge on whatever was at home which atleast wasn't as unhealthy.

Today, I'm in crisis mode. First and foremost, I can go to the fast food restaurant down the street and get a custard, order pizza for only $8, every week, I go to the mall because there is a place which sells cookies I really like, etc. Food and sugar are basically drugs to me and I'm addicted to them. Its gotten so bad that I'm considering giving my credit cards and money to my mom so I can be forced to stop this. For the past 10 years, I've spent on average about $3000 a year on just fast food.

I'm also noticing after having a meal, whether healthy or unhealthy, I get hungry again right away(maybe in 1 or 2 hours). I've had depression for 20 years, it make me wonder how much has my prolonged depression and it getting worse over the years, affected my hunger?
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