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Strange form of social anxiety?

I'm fine most of the time, when out and about. I can talk to strangers, hold a conversation about any topic, even lead a group conversation and not feel anxious at all. I didn't think I could have social anxiety because in the real world, I don't.

But online, I do.

I'm.. not active, to put it mildly. I don't post anything, like videos or comment on anything. I don't chat with people, which makes me feel guilty and sometimes ashamed, especially when people reach out to me... Last time I posted anything on Facebook was a few years ago.

And I feel like it's getting worse.

Wonder if some of that is because I'm so insanely visual. I look for clues in body language and facial expression, respond to that even more than what is said out loud (all people do this of course, to some extent), and when that info is unavailable in forums like this one, I get anxious.

I was actually shaking for a while when writing this, and my dog was going ballistic, jumping on my lap and licking my face. She always knows when something's wrong.

For a while I debated if I should write anything at all.. but first step conquering this fear is admitting it. Online.
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