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Re: Guy in another forum's advice for dealing with OCD

*added paragraph breaks for ease in reading the op**

My working OTC solution for Pure-OCD (+ other variations)!

Firstly I'll begin with a little on myself. I've had OCD my entire life, I can think back to times when I was younger and I did strange things with no real explanation, such as not wanting to walk through shadows or having the urge to turn on all my lights, etc. (typical ocd types of compulsions). Even still, I never really noticed these as problems, rather thinking that it was just how I was and it was no big deal. This was how it was all my life, through adolescents and on up until about three years ago. It wasn't until one day where I was alone for the day in my home and had been extremely stressed from personal issues which had caused my OCD to be stronger/more noticeable than it had ever been. The way it happened was I was just sitting, doing work without anything on (TV/computer) when I got a strange wave of a paranoia feeling accompanied with the feeling of being trapped in my room. As it happened I made the mistake of trying to convince myself to ignore the feelings, like when your around something scary and you try to down play whatever is frightening you in within your head.

This was a bad choice, as the more I fought, the prominent it became and it led to me having mini-panic attack. This is when my condition worsened to becoming the Pure-O form. To shorten a very long story and get to the key points, in the beginning I had the visual intrusive thoughts. Almost like day dreams that would pop in my head and of course it being things I didn't agree with or ever want to think about (side-note: if you don't already know, you shouldn't fear this, the reason you get weird visuals is because it literally the exact thing that you don't want to think about which causes your brain to think/fixate on it. If you're reading this and you have pure-o and your aren't educated on it, go read up on it. The more you understand, the less scary and painful it becomes - along with it becoming tolerable and workable enough to be normal.

Again, don't be scared to learn, it is a must if your dealing with this. Pure-O is understandable, it actually makes sense when broken down). Anyway, during the span of time I was doing my own research, found out the name of my condition was Pure-O, found out about CBTs and things like ERP and so on. I then had actually confessed to my mother that I was having problems (as Pure-O is genetic and I wondered if anyone that I knew of in our family had it also) and I found out that my grandfather, who is still alive, too has had OCD. I got in contact with him and he recommended that I try some supplements known as fish oil pills as it can help lessen the effects of the OCD. Now during the time I was being treated in CBT, I decided to give a try to the fish oil, in which I did research on and found that it has been used by street drug addicts to regain mental stability after occurring damage from certain drugs with actual success ( this just being something I found interesting).

I bought a bottle, don't know if I should say the brand of the ones I use, but the dosage was 1200 mg & 360 mg (for height/mass reference I'm about 5'7 ft at around 130 pounds) and l took two of them a day and it literally has been the best thing I've ever done for myself in my life. I kid you not, within two weeks of taking them, my Pure-O lessened from having visual intrusive thoughts to having just pure intrusive thoughts (like a running mind, just having question thoughts pop into my all the time) . I even could immediately notice a mental difference when taking them, a boost in mood and tolerance overall which is just awesome to feel when dealing with this. I began religiously taking them and after about a month I started noticing that the intrusive thoughts OVERALL had started decreasing. Less and less the thoughts started dropping, it got to the point where I began to almost completely be rid of now just the intrusive questions popping up. Please, if you are a suffer, give this OTC solution a go. I swear to you this will help immensely, especially if you are not being prescribed medicine for your OCD (which I was never given anything, only took CBT, though a side-note I've heard good things about Lexapro though I've never gotten it).

I should also mention around this same time I began taking adult gummy vitamins which was also giving me a decent helping of Vitamin B-12, which I found later through research nearly all OCD sufferers are deficient in as well and I'm sure also attributed to soothing my symptoms. To finish this off, I currently am living practically OCD-free when using my fish oil + vitamin B supplement combo. I genuinely cannot stress people enough to try this. Please, please, please, if you're struggling and are in a dark-place like I was - go to your local CVS, Walmart, target or whatever and spend like $30-40 and give this a go. This may save you as it did for me. I'm currently now also taking some 5-HTP supplements as well ( I found at my local CVS for $13 bucks) which when all combined allows me to think COMPLETELY normally.

This means no more visuals popping up EVER for me and very rarely do I ever intrusive questions pop up either. I'm not constantly stuck in my head and no weird dreams anymore. Most of all I have no more need for constant ERP-journals and cognitive behavioral therapy. I'm not saying this will work for everyone but this was just a miracle I landed on about a year or two ago and after using it for so long and finding it still treats my ailments without failure, it was time I finally needed to share it with the community. Put your trust in this, regardless the usage fish oil + vitamins + 5-HTP would help with mental stability regardless of a present illness. I should say though it will not be instantaneous, but did I noticed an increase in tolerance of OCD on a daily basis. Still the mass improvement happened towards the end of the first month (this was around the time I noticed the visual aspect of pure-O begin to start decreasing). Feel free to PM any questions if you need clarification. I will try to make an account on all the major OCD forums to report my findings and I pray every suffer gets to see this.
~P.S I also hope any mods reading this don't take this down. I am not attempting to give complete medical advice, I'm just advising sufferers to some all natural health supplements one could find over the counter in almost any convenience store. These also all being safe for practically anyone to use or obtain.
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