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Re: Concerta and Ritalin

So, I am going to go off my knowledge of the chemistry of the medication (i'll have a bachelors in chemistry in two months ). The only significant difference between the two that I know of is the amount of the drug that is being released at one time in your body. The amount of drug being released into your body throughout the day from Concerta (since it is extended release) could vary significantly based on how fast your body is metabolizing the drug. If your body is metabolizing the Concerta slowly, which it sounds like it is considering it lasts you a solid 7-8 hours, then you are only getting small portions of the 36mg throughout those 7-8 hours. For example, your body could potentially only be receiving the equivalent of roughly 5 mg per hour of Concerta considering your body sounds like it is metabolizing the drug at for the most part a constant rate. It is also being released into your body a lot smoother than Ritalin, since Ritalin is an immediate release. When it comes to the Ritalin your body might not be used to the way the medicine, regardless of the dosage, is metabolized in your body since it does it so quickly. I hope that somewhat makes sense....I tried my best lol
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