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ADHD and Cheating -- Related?

My background: I'm 27. I was diagnosed "likely AD/HD" by my general doc last Friday and prescribed Wellbutrin, an anti-depressant also used for AD/HD. I have read a lot in the past week about AD/HD and the more I read the more I can relate to it. I am seeking a second opinion from a psychologist or psychiatrist.

While doing some personal analyzing of my past experiences, I came to a curiosity. I'm not sure if this is the correct place for it, but here goes...

As the title states, can AD/HD and cheating be related? When I was 18 I cheated on my girlfriend with my ex. It turned into an ongoing sexual relationship behind her back. Inevitably she eventually found out. We got together again, I cheated again. It was a pretty vicious cycle, but one that I have only ever experienced with her.

Now, perhaps a disclaimer before this discussion gets going too far, that I am not seeking to justify any of my past actions. This is simply a thought experiment to discuss whether or not the existence of AD/HD could have encouraged me to make the poor decisions I did.

So, the girlfriend I cheated on, I loved. I know there are plenty of people who might refute that, based on limited knowledge of my actions, but it is what it is. I was in a bit of a self-destructive spiral with my cheating, grasping for some newness and excitement, and finding it in the wrong place. With the first go-around there was a lot of guilt involved, at least later on, but that didn't stop me. We would get together, I would be enthralled by what was happening, and immediately afterward mentally skold myself for what I had done.

I don't have any serious opinions one way or the other, but just some curious questions. Does AD/HD ever result in self-destructive behavior? Can cheating be encouraged by AD/HD?

I hold a personal philosophy that I wouldn't change anything in my past if given the opportunity, because I have learned and developed into the person I am today based on everything I have ever done, right or wrong. It is thought-provoking, however, to wonder if I would have behaved differently if diagnosed as a child with AD/HD and medicated for it.
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