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Re: ADHD and Cheating -- Related?

Originally Posted by mADD mike View Post
While I could see an ADDer with impulse control issues cheating once if the situation just hit them just right, to do so over and over again with the same person or different person wouldn't really be impulsive, but moreso premeditated. That speaks more to character than an impulsive mistake. Also, what a person does after cheating might reveal even more about them. Are they a stand up person that will admit what they've done, accept the consequences, and work hard toward reconciliation? Or do they have to get caught in order to come clean?

In the end, ADD can give us problems with impulsivity, but lots of people cheat because they frankly just want to, are selfish, have a lack of morals, put themselves in bad situations without proper boundaries, etc.
Coming from someone that has done the same thing - cheated on a partner multiple times. I very much lean towards this reasoning.

Impulsivity in combination with personality problems would cause one to act this way. But then, so would personality problems alone. Impulsivity alone, however - I just can't see it.

A factor, maybe. The fundamental cause? No.

There's things with ADD we can move out of the realm of moral judgement. I don't believe cheating is one of them.

Although I haven't cheated on my current partner of 9 years. I still consider myself "weak" in this respect. I don't trust myself completely. But everything in my mind points to my low self esteem. Negative beliefs. Yeah, I have a "thrill seeking" mentality, but cheating probably wouldn't be such a thrill in the first place, if my weak ego didn't need such gratification. (Or something like that.)

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