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Re: trouble filling adderall prescription/finding pharmacies carrying a specific gene

Originally Posted by didntnotice View Post
I'm so frustrated and just tired of the battle!! I live in Deland, FL, am prescribed Adderall 20 mg and every single month end up going pharmacy to pharmacy to pharmacy being treated like I'm a thief or junky searching for illegal medication.

In Florida they won't give CII information over the telephone so it's literally a monthly agenda item to go from place to place hunting for a pharmacy who can fill my script. I cut them in half and try to skip weekends when I get them because I never know how long it will take to find a pharmacy who can fill my script. I've never asked for anything early or have ever had a different doctor prescribe my medication (behavior that has been explained to be "drug seeking" or "red flag") I am courteous and kind and still get the eye rolls and dirty looks.

I am 44 years old and have a diagnosed condition!! Without this medication my life was unmanageable. My husband was constantly furious with me because of trail of things left all around that I didn't notice. My employer was at the end of their rope with me because of my inability to get paperwork completed or to remember complete details of information. I couldn't keep a calendar because I literally would forget to look at my phone for days. I was unmanageable!

The difference Adderall has made in my life brings me to tears. And now, once again after visiting 4 nearby CVS's (I LOATHE them more than any pharmacy), The Medicine Shoppe, Target, Winn Dixie, Walmart and Publix I sit at home feeling completely powerless, embarrassed and just ready to give up. I understand that there are shortages and that there have been robberies that lead to safety concerns - I get all of that - so I'm out of options and just defeated. Florida won't allow CII scripts to be written in advance without "Do not fill before..." written so 90 day mail order is out. I feel lower right now than I did before I ever knew about my ADHD and lived a life inside a hurricane. I don't understand why it has to be so hard.
This will help all to understand new FDA policy for generics and why patients are receiving so many different manufactures flooding the pharmaceutical industry in the USA. These manufactures are self regulated not FDA regulated for quality. The FDA began implementation of The Generic Drug User Fee Amendment in 2015. This allows a stream-lined faster way to get the FDA approval to do business in USA (GDUFA). These "pharamacutical" players now have a quick and inexpensive way to enter our market.
Step 1: fill out Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA) 2: pay fee of $70,480, plus (PAS) fee of $ 35,240 and facility fee's...what a profit margin....Teva is providing a "generic epi pen with cost of $300.00 to cunsumer for 2 pens per pack....This is being marketed as a way to save consumers $. (GDUFA) goals..2015: 69%, 2016 75%, 2017 90% in 10 months
The era of having confidence in pharmaceutical quality is over. Many more global company's are and will continue to flood the market. A time to proceed with caution. Tks.
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