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Re: trouble filling adderall prescription/finding pharmacies carrying a specific gene

Yeah just another person with their life turned upside down. I have taken tava usa brand for 10 years and forgotten how difficult it is to live with myself before finding the appropriate meds. Cvs now carries mylan and i am going nuts i drive truck. Issue#1 i see my exit is 1/2 mile away - oops i passed it. Issue #2 i am going to fall asleep behind the wheel. Its been 10 years since this was an issue so i almost forgot how bad, but i am going to lose my job or life if i cant figure out how to get medicine that works. Why cant we just have the meds that work?
I cut myself down from 60mg day to 15-30 day including tje script. Not hording or selling. Just getting what i need and taking it like i should. Almost 2 months on mylan has been hell. Help teva or cvs or anyone. I cant function like this. I had a cure and it was taken away.
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