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Re: trouble filling adderall prescription/finding pharmacies carrying a specific gene

So, how does this whole pharmacy/brand search happen now, in places like NY state, where everything gets transmitted electronically from Dr to pharmacy? Everything...even controlled meds now.

Granted, yes, I can have them send the script to my pharmacy of choice, some work with my insurance for a decent price, and there are quite a few that will not. I've had the same pharmacy now for 4 years, and they have always been really good to me, gone the extra mile in straightening out things that the Drs have messed up over the years. I went to school with one of their techs, so she's known me for 25+ years.

But, case in point: I received my first script for generic Adderall last Tuesday. (Well, technically, my doc sent it electronically to my pharmacy...) The pharmacy called me up an hour after I'd left my docs office to tell me they are out, and would have to order it, and since it was a holiday week (Thanksgiving) it wouldn't come in until Monday afternoon. Normally, you could just take the paper script, and go to another one to see if they had it. Which, the other chain pharmacy across town had it, since they checked up on it for me. The catch was, I'd have to call my doc's office, and get her to re-send the script to the other pharmacy, there is no way to transfer e-scripts for controlled subs, even across town to another pharmacy in the chain. At that point, my doc's office had closed for the day, the day after that she doesn't work, then the holiday, then the weekend.... my only "window of opportunity day" would have been Friday. I decided to just let my regular pharmacy order it, and I just picked it up after work yesterday.
I wasn't too worried, yes I was eager to try the meds and see what results (if any) I would get from them obviously. But, at least it was a new script, and not something I had been dependent on for a period of time. (Ran into THAT problem with my doc's office and my Klonopin, which took more than a week of being without to get sorted out...that was a bad week...)
What happens when the "wonderful, concerned about your health and instituting e-scripts to avoid medication errors" state of NY basically takes away your choice, and there isn't much you can do about it?

I would basically have to have my doc's office on speed dial, while I drive around to every pharmacy in the area, have the e-script sent, wait for the pharmacy to tell me they are out, backordered, have a generic that I don't want, etc, then call my doc back, and repeat the process somewhere else.
At least with a physical script, you (usually) have a choice of where you can go with it. But in the case of NY, now, once the doc sends it, you're stuck.

Just for my reputation with this one particular pharmacy and my history, I might be ok, as far as getting the meds I need on time, if they know ahead of time what to order. But, they still may be limited as far as manufacturers, since they are still a chain.

As a sad side note, I'm pretty good friends with a couple full time pharmacists, but neither of them work in a place that will accept my insurance...of course.....
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