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Re: Being friends with someone with ADHD

Originally Posted by CharlesH View Post
From what you wrote, I get the impression that she's trying her best. ADHD is a very serious disorder that often leads to comorbid conditions (depression, anxiety, drug abuse, risky behavior, etc).

As a friend, I would tell her that you simply want to make sure that she's seeing professional help, that she doesn't need to tell you the details of her issues she doesn't want to, and that you're there for her if she does want to confide. She might simply want you there for small talk / general fun with a friend, and that's alright as well (assuming you're okay with it)!
Yeah I agree. Good thing is that she does not do drugs or alcohol. She is against all of that. Yeah I think she is trying her best. Yeah I will definitely do that. Yeah there is nothing wrong with just being there to have fun or hang out. She does open up to an extent at times, just not a lot. Which I respect. Maybe she will in the future. Usually when she does open up about something, it happens in small doses at a time. I can understand if she doesn't want to admit to having depression if she has it. She has an extreme fear of being judged. I am the same way. Unfortunately people who are depressed are judged harshly because of it, just as much as those with ADHD, if not more, so for her, having both would be a double wammy. I am glad she is more talkative though.
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