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Re: Progress is hard.. But it's worth it..

To be honest with you, I have a strange relationship with Vyvanse. Too much and I become a zombie while too little and a crash early on in the day. 30mg is the dose at which I still feel relatively normal, maintain a stable and positive mood, and feel the focusing effects without feeling geeked. I tried methylphenidate related drugs, but they made me very short tempered and angry.

Though distraction still happens, focus isn't really so much the culprit anymore. I think the academic performance issue are due to other related symptoms at this point, not the focus. I think I have extremely poor working memory as well as pretty bad visual and auditory processing issues. If I can't put my hands on it, I can't learn it. Best way to describe it: drive me to a destination and I would never find my way back. Though if I drive the route personally, I'll never forget it. The more turns in the route I'm driving, the more it sticks. I'm sure you can imagine that this makes processing, learning, and retaining abstract information a chore for me. Working problems and solution manuals just doesn't cut it for me no matter how hard I focus.

My shrink suggested that I start writing lesson plans and literally teach this material. Whether that means the audience being the wall, a friend, YouTube videos, whatever.. According to him, by verbalizing the information, walking, moving around, writing on the board etc. all of these actions combined bridge that "hands on" synapse, and stick it into a stronger understanding as well as long term memory. It's a little late to give it a try this semester aside from midterms, but it seems worthwhile to try next semester.
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