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Re: Canadian newspaper report -- "ADHD cuts workplace productivity"

Originally Posted by Sandy4957 View Post
... Like you, Imnapl, I missed LESS work than my colleagues until this year when I made a disability claim because my coping mechanisms (which I didn't realize were coping mechanisms) stopped working for me...
I missed very few days except for other, organic illnesses over my 20 year career. However, I must admit I was often AWOA (absent without absence) due to not finding needed paperwork, digging through the files, distraction, or investing lots of time in peripheral work activities. From my first weeks at work, I needed a lunchtime or afternoon nap, even 10 minutes would do it, but without it I went crosseyed with exhaustion. (Sleep Apnea dx cleared up most of that, but far from all.)

I was good at the individual elements of my job, and understood the technicalities better than my workmates. But you think I could put my head down and gnaw my way through the 100 stages of an extended project without interruption? Hah! Not once in my life.

But I regretted and puzzled over why I was so inefficient and scattered. I wanted to be far better at my job than I could manage. Often, I joked that I wish I had a control behind one ear, to turn up my energy levels when needed. I made that joke for at least 30 years.

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