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Do you feel especially unique and distinguished from your nonADHD counterparts?

The thesis here is that from my observation, particularly with myself, and otherwise anecdotally from those having/seeming to have ADHD, that many have unique personalities.

From my earliest memories of "ego" type thinking (early elementary?), I remember thinking that most people seemed to be followers (or vaguely similar) and I took pride in being different and probably went out of my way to foster this inclination. I say strange stuff, have an offbeat sense of humor and at times am overbearingly prideful in my "being special with a capital 'R' "; though this is usually exaggerated around my wife who witnesses my most random idiosyncrasies.

I am pretty new to identifying myself more definitely as ADHD-PI. I'm discovering crossover, ostensibly, between my anxiety problems and secondary depression and lifetime underachievement - currently engineering change

I've come across others who I believe have ADHD, with a unique style of speaking and thinking to one extent or another. A particular guy I know on Facebook writes posts that seem encrypted sometimes they're so odd, but it just seems that's how he expresses himself. A childhood friend who articulates in intelligent but esoteric fashion. I came across a guy with bipolar "3" and ADD-PI (on another forum) who's writing style made me feel as if we were kindred spirits; this was unique for me, as I've never come across someone who reminded me of myself.

My wife claims she has "combined" ADHD, but I would lovingly refer to her personality, at least in the realm of "outside the box" traits, as being rather mundane. She also did very well in school, living on a university campus during high school junior and senior year, earning college and High school credit. She does have the ADHD traits, but her ability to circumvent the ATTENTION DEFICIT aspect and highly achieve academically always seemed counterintuitive and suspicious to her diagnosis. She's had 1 shrink and a neurologist confirm this (anomalous?). She said she could tell a big difference when she started Adderall - ? I bet you did.

So I know there are some "straight-forward" personalities out there, including my wife, in the ADHD "community" but...What about y'all. Are you weird? Offbeat? Particularly creative? anxious/other psychiatric inconveniences? One of a kind? Underachieving (you were almost certainly blessed with this).
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