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Re: You know your child is ADHD when...

My son is 8 and not yet diagnosed but am convinced he has ADHD:

When you shake your head each time the teacher emails you over something he has done and sometimes you laugh out loud.

When the teacher on the 2nd day of school has removed his chair so that he can kneel or stand at his desk.

When he took two pennies and puts them behind the nightlight to see if it will light up the pennies! Thank god he wasn't electrocuted, but then I had to tell the landlord that my vaccum did it! hee hee

He is 8 (almost 9) and still wets the bed each night. I recently found out he thought he was the only kid that still does it until he read the side of the "goodnites" bag. He is much relieved.

When his was 5 and instead of going to the bathroom in the toilet, he just opens the back arcadia door and pees on the patio from inside the house! Great aim kiddo!

When people say "if you bottled his energy, you would be rich!" gee, you think! lol.

When I buy a new Boys and Girls club card almost weekly since he loses it on a daily basis - I have a prepaid account so they can just deduct the money each time.

I have gone thru more binders for his schoolwork since August than I can count since he keeps losing them everywhere!

We have more jackets than we can count because he missplaces them and then a few weeks later they show up in lost and found!

He chews on everything! I have even threatened to get him a chew toy from the pet store as I can't afford to keep buying shirts, pens, pencils and other articles of clothing!

Oh the list goes on and on, LOL!

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